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Jenna and Tom Hughes for Vogue US (January)

‘Victoria’ is set to start airing in the US next month on PBS, and Jenna and her on-screen husband, Tom Hughes, are featured in the January issue of Vogue US – thus revealing a gorgeous new photoshoot. Be sure to head to our gallery to discover the beautiful shot, as well as digital scans from the magazine:

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Quick-fire questions with Jenna Coleman

Harper’s Bazaar UKCan you tell us a little bit about Shop Small and the role you play in helping small businesses? I’m supporting Amex’s Shop Small campaign to encourage people to ‘shop small’ in the lead-up to Christmas in particular. And helping to shine a light on some my favourite independent shops.

Why do you think Small Business Saturday is such an important cause to support? I think it’s important to encourage the creativity and individualism that small shops offer. I love to spend my Saturdays stumbling across a new independent store and finding an upcoming designer to offer something new for the home or for an individual gift. Also, the personal customer service, in your local coffee shop for example. I think variety and individualism is the key and one of things I adore so much about living in London.

How would you encourage people to support small businesses in their everyday lives? It’s all about discovery, and finding those smaller, one-of-a-kind shops and taking enjoyment from it. It’s simple. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my tips and ‘finds’.

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Huffington Post’s WISE WORDS

WISE WORDS is a series launched by the Huffpost Entertainment (back in 2015), where various celebrities and personalities are being asked a bunch of questions, such as how they de-stress from their busy lifestyles. Jenna is the subject of today’s interview and spoke to HuffPostUK about what she’s learned along the way.

How do you switch off from the world?
I take a bath. Or I read. Or both at once. Sometimes I go for a long walk.

How do you deal with negativity that comes your way?
If it’s justified, I’ll have a think, I try to take it on board. Sometimes it takes a phone call to my mum to rationalise. She’ll tell me, ‘Chin up.’ I do try to learn something from it.

When and where are you at your happiest?
I love being on an aeroplane. It means I can switch off, but I also like the switching of environments. There’s something about being in the clouds.
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